The Kings Of The World

Los reyes del mundo

Laura Mora

Laura Mora, Maria Camila Arias

David Gallego

Sebastian Hernandez, Gustavo Vasco

Leonardo Heiblum, Alexis Ruiz

Caracol Televisión, Ciudad Lunar Producciones, Dago García Producciones, Iris Productions, Tu Vas Voir Production, Talipot Studio, Mer Films

Braihan Acevedo, Carlos Andrés Castañeda, Cristian Campaña, Cristian David, Davison Florez


Colombia, Luxemburg, France, Mexico

110 min.


The Kings Of The World

Los reyes del mundo

Rá, Culebro, Sere, Winny, and Nano: five street kids from Medellin, five kings without a kingdom, with no law and no family, on a quest to find The Promised Land. Their journey takes them to claim a piece of land that Rá has inherited through a challenging process of land restitution. "The Kings of the World" is a subversive tale that traverses the boundaries between reality and delirium, unfolding as a journey to an uncertain destination where anything can happen.

Director Laura Mora, known for her impactful debut film "Killing Jesus," collaborates with acclaimed Colombian producer-director Cristina Gallego, who received an Oscar nomination for "The Embrace of the Serpent," to present "Kings of the World." The film, infused with powerful poetic elements, highlights the harsh realities of injustice and exclusion faced by those who lack basic rights, including a name, a family, a place to call home, and a date of birth.

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Laura Mora
Medellín, Colombia 1981
Director, screenwriter

Laura Mora Ortega (Medellín, 1981) is a Colombian film director and screenwriter, known for her 2017 feature film Matar a Jesús and obtaining the Golden Shell2 at the 70th edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival with The Kings of the World.

Born in Medellín, she completed her higher education in film production and direction at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Her debut film, Killing Jesus. was released in 2017 in Colombian movie theatres. The film won a large number of national and international awards, including the EGEDA award at the Cartagena Film Festival, the jury award for best debut film and the Casa de las Américas award at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, the Eroski Youth Award at the San Sebastián Festival​ and the Roger Ebert Award at the Chicago Film Festival. Mora is currently filming the One Hundred Years of Solitude adaptation for Netflix.

◊ Matar a Jesús (Killing Jesús, 2016) ◊ Los reyes del mundo (The Kings Of The World, 2022)

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